Wednesday 18 May 2011

Wednesday 18th May 2011 What a Turn-out and 10 more Slabs Laid!

12 Volunteers today and it was a hive of activity!

Construction Team A were busy continuing the build of the next section of wall. Good progress was made and it will not be long before this stretch is ready for corbelling and coping slabs. Construction Team B had better get a move on with the slabbing!
In the clip below notice our new wooden packing jig(courtesy of Chris Helm) to trip the grab which is intended for fully laded pallets. Notice also new member Terry who took to the job like duck to water and I think pretty much enjoyed his day. The acid test will be if he is back for more punishment next week!
 Tom(aka Tomster the Landrover Kid) our youngest Volunteer was also back off work placement, multi tasking.

Worthy of mention also is the brick cleaning activity without which no progress would be made at all!

Here David is trying out a new brick cleaning bench made by Chris Helm from pallets and scrap timber. It certainly makes the task less back breaking. David chipped in unison with Chris Bowles and gradually the pile of bricks increased!

Thanks to everyone today, Not least the lovely Kirsten who came up trumps with the bacon rolls and Richard from Fairview who brought the Quality Street.  A great days work!

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