Wednesday 20 April 2011

Wednesday 20th April 2011

 A great turn out today - 12  smiling faces in the Spring sunshine! Work was carried out on several fronts so in no particular order:-

The fencing on the wing wall has been a challenge, not least of which is working at 45 degrees on loose ballast -On the piste I think the skiers call it!

 A "many hands"  job was done on the laying of the perforated drain behind the next stage of the Platform Wall.  All done with shovels - get well soon Dot  we need you!
Work then started on laying the next stretch of  platform. It looks the business!

Last but not least some levelling was done on the top surface of the wall. We want it to be as smooth and level as possible to start laying the coping slabs next week.

Finally a thanks to Andy P for taking a turn with the ballast shovelling - it made change from the chainsaw!

And finally finally an extra thank you to Fairview Trading who manage to deliver some bags of gravel at the last minute and allow us to proceed. Cheers Richard!


Anonymous said...

As always i think the work your doing is great. I only wish petrol prices were cheaper so i could come and help. hopefully in the future i will move south. One question tho. where is the track layed up to now, i see they have gone over laverton bridge. do you have a target date for the platform to be finnished now?

Bill said...

The track is currently just past the Laverton Bridge.
The Broadway Project, including all major facilities is due for completion by 2015. Funds will determine whether this is achieved.
Thanks for your comments.

DanC said...

Im confused by picture 5, is this the same platform or is the picture reversed as it seems to be looking towards the bridge but the platform is on the other side compared to most other pictures. regards David

Bill said...

Hi, This is the rear of the down Platform, looking South. Its a bit of an optical illusion that it appears to be the up Platform. Thanks for your interest.

stevebaker70 said...

hi when i popped by last week, it appeared that there mightjust be lintels from the old station used in the low retaining wall opposite the telegraph pole next to the old gents loo... if true, could they be re-used?

Bill said...

Hi Steve,
We are about to retrieve the "special" bricks from the remains of this building and will look into the re use of any lintels. Sorry for delayed response.