Sunday 17 April 2011

Another Good Day at The OK Corral

A team of 10 trusty stalwarts turned out today in glorious Spring sunshine. The Construction Team were determined to play with the big toys as the next section of the rear platform drainage was trenched out for the perforated pipe. Digger and dumper worked in unison with a good result by the end of the day.

Work continued on the Information Kiosk  by the two Johns, and is virtually completed. This is not a picture of John B we see very often and would probably prefer never again!

However some good aerial photography can be taken from up there. In the panorama Peter and Ray re-lay a wayward cable. Cheers John. Here we see the fruits of Dave B efforts at building steps up to the kiosk. A pretty impressive result carried out single handily in the heat of the day.

Last but not least Chris and David pursue their relentless search for bricks. There's gold in them thare hills.

And finally, finally we manage to rescue 100 or so wild primroses off the embankment adjacent to the platform working and transfer them farther up the track. Very satisfying.


Jim said...

A small thing maybe but I'm glad you rescued the primroses! Truly, Railway Rescue and Conservation, down to the last detail. Well done, you guys, on everything you've achieved to date...

Bill said...

Cheers Jim!