Saturday 7 March 2015

Saturday 7th March 2015 and a Different sort of Day!

Many of the volunteers were away on different missions today - 2 at Toddington, 2 at a Railwayana  auction and so on - but there were 12 of us by lunchtime working in the spring sunshine and we managed to get a reasonable amount done.

Clive continued with the  Platform 2C  wall bricklaying - another course of corbelling  being laid by the end of day.

Further to the north Dave B and Robin kept the fires burning, although it wasn't  a particularly easy with the strong wind.

Jo and Roger J turn up in the afternoon from their respective jaunts to Toddington and the Auction Sale at Newark. The task was to distribute some of the top soil obtained last week on the bank by  Platform 1C. Give them their due, a 1 tonne dumper takes some filling with a shovel!

 The next step is to get the grass seed on there as quickly as possible to give it chance during the spring/summer.

Other challenges during the day - firstly to cure an electrical problem in one of our cabins (failed!) and to repair a lock on second cabin(success!) Here Peter K proved his safe cracking skills and so if we ever get really desperate for funds...........

Lastly and most importantly, we had 2 associated parties of visitors from the  Stratford Railway Group (16 members)and the affiliated Alcester Railway Group (14 members).

It is always a pleasure to take time out to "show off" our achievements. We are all like minded people with a common interest. A great bunch! Thank you for coming and swelling our coffers!
More to follow...
Stratford Group Leader David Capron talks to his counterpart from Alcester......

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Anonymous said...

Bill, any chance you can get the camera back in action? Great to see the roof built.