Saturday 14 February 2015

Saturday 14th February 2015 - A Milestone Day on the Signal Box

There were 14 of us on site today some of us with an air of expectation as the Signal Box window frames were due for delivery! Paul Richards Joinery(Witney) did not let us down - They were delivered first thing and what a brilliant job he's has made of them.
Here the vertical posts await installation on Wednesday.

However today's task was to locate the window sill on a bed of mortar. A tricky job to get absolutely level, and also a backbreaking one to crouch under the scaffold boards to get access for working.

The Johns and Tony had permanent stoops by the end of the day!

No detail was spared by Paul to ensure that his pride and joy went back together properly!

However it went together so well that some brick laying was possible by 12:00. Here the concrete lintel goes on to the rear window.

Finally a poignant moment for JC  here as he lays the top brick on the rear corner - a great feeling - just the bit in between to go John!

Up on Platform 2C there was an essential bit of  work  going on to continue the infill either side of the rear slabs. The slabbing up and infill along this section is a race against time to ensure the integrity of the bank and complete the slip repair.  Here the job is finished as far as possible and the troops take a rest to mop the sweat from the brow and take a breather. It was extremely hard work. When the next section  of slabs are in I think we will make use of a mini digger to help out.

One of the other less salubrious jobs today was attempting to trace the route of the old sewer on site, down to the main sewer in the car park. Dave and Gord drew the short straw for this job.
What is surprising is the dept of the sewer - at lease a 3m invert on it. More of this story next time, but we didn't lose anyone!

John B continued his temporary job manning the Shed - please come along  and spend a fortune and make his day worthwhile.

Lastly for today, BAG Volunteer Vic Smith went home via Laverton and took the following pictures of the line side clearance  crew clearing the embankment - nearly as good a job as ours. :)). Thanks Vic.
From Laverton

From the B4632

From the Wormington Road



Toddington Ted said...

A milestone day indeed! Well done folks, things are really moving ahead.

John Dyer said...

Simply fabulous. The signal box will look excellent. So glad that the wooden windows were chosen.