Wednesday 21 January 2015

Wednesday 21st January 2015

 It was a pretty gloomy start to the day, with mixture of rain and cold temperatures convincing some that it was better to stay in bed! However there were 19 of us on duty and we set to at making the best of it.

The work continued on building the enclosure for the footbridge span. Peter Q, never happier than with a sharp saw in hand, continues on the framework.

At the next session we should be getting close to cladding it up.

The banks of the cutting continues to be a focus for our efforts when construction is weathered off. Today we had some extra assistance from a tractor with a flail attachment -it just makes the job easier! Here you can clearly see the team working northward.
Here Clive and Tony getting a fire started on the eastern side  - a bit of competition going on with those on the other bank!

Here Steve is doing his job for the day - acting Banksman. Not an easy job, thinking one step ahead all time.

Down in the driveway a prayer meeting was going on about the folly of building your house on sand. In the end the multitude decide to put a  temporary concrete base down.  A job for next week.

John, Tony and Roger in charge....

There were a couple of important deliveries today. The first was the receipt of  6 pallets of new bricks for the Station and Waiting Room. These had been stored for us in the Fairview yard.

The second was the delivery of  8,  20t loads of spent ballast being taken out of Toddington Station. We will use all of this on infill on the platforms.

Finally in the afternoon the weather was judged good enough to lay a few bricks. Roger set to on laying some corbelling on platform 2C.

Finally the best picture this year, to date:-

Jo: Question " Is the footbridge  restoration staying with the xxxxxxx budget"
: Answer -  mass hysteria...

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