Friday 5 December 2014

A Friday Extra!

Broadway is not immune to instability in the  embankments and cuttings and this  slip appeared last weekend behind platform 2C The trick, when possible, is to take  prompt action, which we duly did.  Here George Law staff begin the task by removing the slip material, which  is mainly blue clay.

The remedial action is in 3 stages - remove the offending material -  shore up the  cutting with stone - re grade when the platform wall is complete.

Here is the first stage:-

The next step will take place on Monday - watch this space!

On another front, Jo road shotgun with Richard from Fairview to retrieve some red bricks, a line side cabinet and some braces for the Signal Box from Winchcombe.

It was not the best of weeks for Richard and we appreciated his help today.


Toddington Ted said...

Excellent & efficient work as ever folks, you're all over this.

John F said...

Infill needed behind the remainder of the platform asp !