Thursday 7 August 2014

Tuesday 5th August 2014 A BAG Talk to Chipping Norton Railway Club

I seem to be tackling this week in reverse order!

On Tuesday, Jo and I gave a presentation to the Chipping Norton Railway Club at the Town Hall,  covering  progress at Broadway Station. Jo's presentation looks back at the days before the Station was demolished, with some great black and white photos of buildings, trains and people from time gone by. I gave an update on progress since 2009, when I joined the BAG.

There were probably 40 attendees who gave us a warm and friendly reception. The meeting was arranged by Richard Stow, the Club Secretary, and we were welcomed by the Club Chairman Alan Brain.

An up and coming Club event is a coach trip  to Seaton in Devon where time will be spent on the Seaton Tramway, which now runs on the old Southern Region Line. This originally ran from Seaton, through Colyford, Colyton and on to Seaton Junction. I spent many a happy hour on our family holidays riding, or watching the trains on this line. Happy days!

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