Saturday 21 June 2014

Saturday 21st June 2014 and the Sun Shone!

It was a great day for keeping things moving along, without the pressures  of the midweek. There were 12 of us on site and the sun shone all day. There were three main jobs on -

Dave B and Ron T giving the brambles a seeing to......
 Firstly the clearance of the potential track side along the boundary of the Caravan Club. The boundary here may impinge on the natural line of the track between the Evesham Road Bridge and the Childwickham Bridge. When the boundary is clear, P Way will have a clear line of sight. It it will be completed in another week and  the P Way survey will then be possible. (hint hint)

The other main task of the day was to continue further bricklaying on the Signal Box. John C, John S and Bob W made remarkable progress, with the northern gable end and the front being completed up to the top of the locking room windows, including the lintels.
.To give you some idea of the real progress that's been made over recent weeks, look at the picture in the blog header of the Shirely Box, and visualise the top of the locking room widows. Its such great progress.

Further North the bricklaying was continuing on Platform 1C. Roger and Clive baked steadily in the sun. Jo managed to snap yours truly doing some infill work. Would you let this man build your house - probably not!

In other areas Robin was brick cleaning and John B was keeping tabs on the visitors and his usual 101 jobs that need doing to keep us going.

Buried treasure....

At lunchtime Neil (from the Loco Department?) came along and invited me up to Honeybourne to see a stash of  50+ platform coping slabs that were hidden in the bushes. Well hidden is not the word! They would certainly take some retrieving.

Adjacent to the Long Marston  route...

Firstly they are on Network Rail land and we would require access through a local farmers field with machinery to lift them out. Never say never - I will ask Darren Fairly, who works for Network Rail if we can get access.

Finally a local kestrel paid us a visit during the lunch hour. Jo had to be quick with his camera..


Anonymous said...

Regarding edging slabs, most of the Milcote station ones, now on the Greenway cycle route, are lying on the ground at the base of the old Stratford-bound platform, and would be much easier to retrieve!

Bill said...

I will follow this up - thank you

Robin said...

Why not be ambitious and try and collect both lots. It may take some time but there is still plenty of platform wall to cap.