Thursday 8 May 2014

Platform 1C and the Wednesday Gang!

As reported earlier, the Wednesday Gang working on Platform 1C got short measure in terms of reporting progress. I am using this report from Peter Hickox  to add some detail and some extra pictures from Jo to emphasise what a neat job was done - what a transition:-

Hello Bill

The 1C team had a really good day yesterday. Terry, Mike and I managed to level the back of the extension, after putting in the perforated pipe and pea gravel,and Terry even got the roller out at 15.45 to make a perfect finish. Unfortunately the official photogragher was busy in the car park and didn't take any photos. I will take my camera with me in future to record our progress ( like the old days!). I hope you will be impressed on when you see it on Saturday. Clive and Keith also completed the concrete infill.

Best Regards

Peter H
In the foreground you can see where Roger B has tided up the expansion joint for work to commence on Saturday.

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