Thursday 8 May 2014

Another Thursday Special!

Terry Andrews is a long serving BAG Volunteer and he and his friend Paul are always on the lookout for opportunities to help the Broadway cause. In this case some concrete blocks became available from the Gloucestershire College, and Terry and Paul set about a mission to recover them. Here is Terry's report:

Hi Bill,

I mentioned to you that Paul’s contact at Gloucestershire College had offered us 300 concrete blocks which they had used once and no longer need.

Today, Paul and I went  to the College in Gloucester on a pre-arranged visit to meet Bob Smith, (Paul’s contact) to view them, and if they were suitable, to collect them. Unfortunately Bob was not well, so was not there, so we were directed to the  main reception and told to ask for the Estates Department, which we did and ask to speak to Chris Hemming.

Paul and I knew a Chris Hemming from way back, and were pleased to find out that it was in fact our old friend Chris, who is Head of Maintenance in the Estates Department. Chris arranged for Richard to show us where the blocks were and Richard organised a fork lift truck to load them, as the blocks were just the type that we use. Fortunately all the blocks had been cleaned.

In total there were 8 pallets of blocks, probably totalling 300, but as they had been in store for over 3 years, the blocks need to be put onto new pallets. It took two trips to remove them all to Paul’s yard, where we will do the this, and then deliver them in the near future. It will probably take 3 trips from Gloucester to Broadway and back to deliver them all.

Whilst there, there were also about 1000 red metric bricks there that were surplus to their requirements and they offered them to us, so we kindly accepted these and loaded them onto the lorry and took them straight to Broadway. We had phoned Jo, as I knew he was working with Steve, Jo was just finishing but Steve was working on with his JCB and would be able to offload them for us which he did, so thanks Steve.

When we arrived at Broadway, John C arrived appeared, he had been to Toddington and on passing noticed a JCB and a lorry on site, so came to investigate, which was fortunate as he directed us to where they should be unloaded.

I attach a couple of photos’ that I took during the day. Thanks to Gloucester College for their kind donation, to Paul for offering the collection, storage and transport of the blocks and bricks and Steve for his help at Broadway, altogether a successful day.

Best wishes,



Anonymous said...

Paul has done a rough count of the blocks at his base, and I am pleased to say that there are more like 500 blocks to re-pallet and therefore 4 trips to bring them to Broadway.


JNC said...

I don't quite follow why the blocks have to be re-palletized? Are the old pallets rotting, or something? As always, thanks in advance for any elucidation!


Anonymous said...


The blocks have been stored in the open for many years and the pallets have all rotted & broken.