Friday 16 May 2014

16th May 2014 - Back to Broadway

And back at Broadway:-

Hi Bill,

Arriving at Broadway with Terry and Paul, I noticed John working on the signal box. John took the opportunity of a nice dry day to get two rows of reds in along the back, and also finish off the sides to their current desired level. Two more rows on the back, and the rear windows can go on.

John was proud to show me the special bricks ordered for the station building, which had arrived. Some of these are hand made. The brickwork on the building will look superb!

As you know, we have hired a cutting machine to produce blue queen closures. I had a go on this screaming monster, and cut approx 25 blues in half. Luckily the technology is fairly modern, and thanks to a large bath of water, it does not produce an dust.

The Royal Air Force took a keen interest in our activities, and circled the site with two Merlins, very impressive. They cost $21m each, so I won’t be ordering one soon.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

The web cam is wonky

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, you kindly give us technical names about different bricks using names like 'Queen'. Perhaps you would kindly show what these are like?
Wonderful progress all round, look forward to visiting with my Dad during Gala week.
Simon Treadwell

Richard said...

The webcam may be wonky, but I can see something very nice going in the signal box walls (as well as the bricks!) and a lovely view of the Cotswold Countryside as a bonus! Well done All, looking forward to my next visit to Broadway!

Jo said...

A 'Queen closure' I am told is a brick cut in half lengthways. This enables you to move the header course (bricks on end) along one half brick, so that the joints are staggered, which makes the wall sturdier.

Hope this helps.

For more detail, see here: