Saturday, 5 April 2014

Saturday 5th April 2014

It was the Broadway Area Group AGM today and therefore a different day. It did not start off well when the venue had to be swopped at the last minute from the Broadway Football Club to Mike Speake's home. However it was non the worse for that - Mike has a charming house in Childwickham and business was conducted in great comfort. Thanks Mike!

Back at Broadway 15 volunteers returned from the AGM  to work for the remainder of the day. Much of the efforts were focused on refurbishing a container  purchased as a Project Office. I will show you the "before" shot and then the finished job later this month! Thanks to Mike and Bill V who grafted on it for most of the day.

Peter K and Robin cleaned bricks for the remainder of the day and have actually run out of Mythe bricks to clean! Here Peter scratches around the  remnants for a good brick to clean and thankfully found a barrow load. We really must get those Avonmouth bricks up to Broadway Jo.

On the  Driveway we have been putting in  a new drain in along the boundary . Here Dave B who is the task leader on this job, clears some of the debris left after time ran out on Thursday.

Down in the car park Roger J and Phil were collecting more bricks for cleaning. I managed to get an excellent picture of the bricks but failed to include the workers - sorry chaps!

Other work taking place included Vic continuing his landscaping of the border on the driveway and Roger B  finishing off the end of 1B for work to start on 1C next week.

Finally for this week, John C busied himself all day laying the final 2 courses of blues on the front of the Signal Box.

 A follower of the blog rightly pointed out it's difficult to get a feel for how much the Signal Box has progressed just from the  security camera images. Here is one taken on the ground ,so to speak.  I think you will get a better  impression when the reds start to be laid.

Where was our photographer in Chief today! - supposed to be away on family duties - so how did he manage to drag them to Toddington and get this absolutely brilliant shot of Dinmore Manor on  its first outing?  Priceless!

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