Sunday 20 April 2014

Saturday 19th April 2014

An  Easter family gathering meant that I could not attend today. Nevertheless 14 volunteers spent a very productive day on site. My colleague Dave Bowie was Duty Officer for the day and sent through the following report and Jo took the photos:-

Hi Bill,
14 volunteers on duty today, including John Blofield who actually spent most of the day helping to raise funds for us at an event in Broadway village.
JC carried on with the signal box, supported by John S and Paul.  The final course of bevelled blues was finished, and the complete damp course installed - ready now to build on upwards with reds.  JC & co.'s other task was finish off the signal post footing to the point where the shuttering can be lifted off easily - then we need that signal post!

Robin led a team of variously 2 or 3 brick cleaners, and the stacks of clean bricks are looking impressive.  Steve Long turned up with a load of about 200 decent red bricks surplus to his requirements - all gratefully received.

I took a few random samples from several of the Avonmouth bags, and discovered that we have a mixture of 2.875 inch and 3 inch blues. And yes, they're mixed within each bag.  Spoke to JC about this, and he says we should separate out the smaller size for use in the platform gaps, to match those either side, but the 3 inch ones can be used on 1C/2C extensions.  Robin's view is that we should sort them where they are, then move them close to where they'll be used, which seems more efficient.  Most of the bricks are clean, but where there is mortar attached it is very hard.

Clive beavered away all day on the 1C blocks, helped by Jo.
I took advantage of the dry conditions and favourable wind to light the big bonfire in the car park - it went up like a bomb!  At least that's tidier now. 

I then joined Jim and his painting team sprucing up the new office. 
 The interior has now had a complete re-paint and the transformation is amazing.  There may be a bit of re-coating needed here & there but it is looking good.
Also on the office, Jim turned up with a big tarpaulin which he & Brian lashed down over the roof, so that should keep things dry until there's a more permanent fix.
Vic of course carried on with his gardening mission,  I wonder how many bother to go and look at the result (usually hidden by cars) - he really has done a fine job I think.

I know Jo was taking photos, so I hope they illustrate some of what I've said above - or they might show that I forgot something!


Colin Boyles said...

It look impressive even from the air,tremendous effort well done.

Anonymous said...

And a special thank you to those who keep us armchair supporters informed of all that is going on. But especially to those preparing reports and uploading photos after a day's work.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I second that second comment.