Sunday 13 April 2014

Saturday 12th April 2014

A surprisingly chilly wind was blowing up the track bed today - or maybe I'm just getting old! There were 12 of us on site and the trick was to keep busy to keep warm.

John C  attended for the morning to excavate out the bracket signal base, prior to preparing the shuttering on Wednesday. The piling contractor will then return to cut the piles to the correct height for fabricating a reinforced cage. Concrete will then be poured. We're getting there!

Further down the car park Phil and Jo were retrieving more blues from the Mythe Pile, which had been turned over by the JCB on Wednesday.

As well as several loads of "good " bricks,  a couple of loads of brick rubble were taken up to be placed behind the  Platform 2B wall for infill. As you can see the Mythe Pile is gradually reducing.

One of the spin offs from the Mythe spoil has been the large amounts of Cotswold stone mixed in. This has been put to good use for landscaping. Here Jo has captured a nice shot of Vic's  labour of love adjacent to the car  park on the driveway. A great job.

The refurbishment of the new project office cabin continues at a pace. Its gradually getting there, with a lot of hard work taking place,  removing  grease, paint and such like before painting. The painting has now started and the cabin is beginning to look habitable!

The downside of such work is that the smell of the cleaning agents tends to "cling" a bit. I was shown the door when I got home, until such time as I had freshened up a bit!

The other work going on? Well Robin and Peter continued there brick cleaning. Dave B got rid of a huge amount of rubbish with a bonfire and John B sorted out the southern security fence.

The one thing I missed today, which I was really kicking myself about (we were in a Safety Briefing), was that we had a visit from a posse of Austins 7's and others, doing a tour of the Cotswolds.  Fortunately one of our regular supporters, Graham Smith (of Routemaster  fame)  was on hand with his camera.

He sent me some pics and a report:

Hi Bill
These guys were just leaving as I arrived but I did manage to find out that they were from somewhere in the New Forest.

They were on a tour of the Cotswolds and someone told them about the work going on at Broadway so they called in.

I understand they were going to Toddington but not before Marguerite had sold them all manner of goods.
I also understand that another gent gave them lots of Info about Broadway Station and they left carrying "Bridges to Broadway"paperwork.


 The last picture of the van particularly pleased Marguerite (Goodman), although a conversation with the owner established there was no family connection.

Thanks for that Graham

It was great to have our latest BAG recruits working on site today - Bill V, Phil and Dave H. They have arrived at a time when they've been landed with a good deal of 'domestic' stuff to do, but have settled in very well. If you feel you would like to join us and make your contribution, call in by and have a chat. We are recruiting!

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