Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saturday 8th March 2014 - Spring is here at Last!

It was a great day today with 17 Volunteers working hard to push things along.

Challenge No 1 was to bring as much ballast and spoil up for platform 2B. Remembering that the dumper had to be hand loaded, this was no small feat!

The rubble came from the Mythe Pile and the ballast from the track bed south of the bridge. Roger H and John S kept at the task all day and looked fairly cream crackered at the end of it. This job is work in progress until we reach a levelled layer, high enough to put the vertical slabs in at the rear. In between trips John S brought  up some good(cleanable) bricks from the the Mythe Pile - we are beginning to run out of candidates to clean. (Hence the work down at Avonmouth (Bristol Port Company). Needless to say the brick cleaners (Robin,   the Peters and Andrew kept the cleaning job going.

Challenge Number 2 was to get all the bonfires going in the planned car park. There were four on the go and it was a bit like the spinning plate trick to keep them all alight. Dave B (the Fire Starter) and  Stuart W managed it just fine!

Challenge number 3 was to finish the ramp end on 1A, in line with that completed on Wednesday on 2A. Clive has taken it on as a project, and here, with  help from Keith G, the shuttering is put in place.
.Here is the finished article - job done! Just some bricks to lay now Clive!

The last Challenge, but by no means least, was to fabricate the pad stones on the Signal box access and to continue with the brick laying. Some very intricate and accurate shuttering by JC  had to be built on both sides. Here is the southern pad stone which has reinforcement in the mortar.. This completed, several more courses were put on the front corners. Its gradually rising out of the ground!
John was more than ably helped by Brian today and was awarded his SIC badge!
Here is some of the detail which is required to achieve authenticity with an original GWR Box. But as they say "you ain't seen nothing yet!"

Finally a few other shots from the day all taken with my phone as Jo left his memory card in his computer!
Phil Doing his best to extract good bricks from the Mythe Pile

JC as happy as Larry with a great days work under his belt
and Jo showing off yet another bit of Railway China!

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