Saturday 23 November 2013

Saturday 23d November 2013

Brick Cleaners with heads bowed in concentration!
A  grey sort of day, with fog swirling around us. The plan for the day was to clear up as much of the felled tree branches as we could gather for fuel for a bonfire.

Loading the Dumper with bonfire material...

We also continue with the work down in the car park. The final challenge was to bring up onto Site as many of the good Mythe bricks as we could. Jo had camera in one hand, hammer and chisel in the other.
John B, Dave and Stuart in the car park

Well 10 Volunteers achieved this, and more and we were rewarded with a glorious sunny afternoon.

Looking North - soon you will see the Signal Box rising on Platform 2
Signal Box
The work completed so far on the Signal Box foundations is a work of reinforcement art. The Contractor  did not manage to finish the shuttering at the rear of the base and this will be completed on Monday. On the same day the Building Regulations Officer will be along to inspect the work and sign off, ready for the concrete to be poured on Tuesday. In just over a week we should be able to start laying the first courses of bricks. Yippee is the word I'm looking for!

 Fairview delivered the first load of engineering blue bricks to start the work. The equivalent  backing reds will be delivered  later this week. As you can imagine the BAG bricklayers can't wait to get started! I will post an interim report on Tuesday evening.

In summary we had a very productive and  enjoyable day with much talk in the mess room about the signal box build and footbridge refurbishment.

Thanks to all the visitors who came today, all interested in Signal Box progress. The BAG are proud of our their achievements, so please come along and support us!


richard said...

Christmas has come early to Broadway :)

Anonymous said...

Good to see you just clocked over the 34,000 mark.

Anonymous said...


Just received my honorary membership of the Union Jack Club in London.(26 yrs in Royal Navy & 24 years a member of UJC) This means I left BR service at Tyseley 50 years ago. The many trips I made From B'Ham to Gloucester was the highlight of my time at 84E. Broadway always a great place to pass thru.
Rod, Italy

Bill said...

Thanks for the comment - I enjoy a bit of history like this.

Dave said...

What a fantastic picture of Broadway in the sun. The word that springs to mind righteous, as if it was always meant to be.

Anonymous said...

yes, fantastic sunny pic.

Anonymous said...

just 0.7 miles of track to lay and we cross the County Line to become the Gloucestershire Worcestershire Railway!

Anonymous said...

One big leap forward will be when the 'gap' in platform 2 is filled. I hope this happens when the signal box gets above platform height. I'd just love to see that platform kind of finishes, it doesn't look right with the gap in it.

Great work. Keep it up.

Very intersting blog.

Thanks to everybody.


Anonymous said...

OMG is the word!! Great to see the start being made on the signal box!! Well done guys!!