Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday 4th November 2013 Cheltenham Racecourse Station - Platform 2

A Monday Gang of 6 volunteers were at the CRC 2 today and continued with the construction of the platform 2 wall. Here is Jo's report and of course pictures!

Hi Bill,
5 people on site today, + Pete D for a half day session.
It was glorious weather, and the day was very productive (as the GP used to describe my cough J )
The two bricklayers put on two courses on section 3, and are now up to the second layer of corbelling. One more layer, and this section is finished. The next, fourth section, had one layer of bricks added. Two more on Wednesday, and the blocks can go in that day (if the weather is friendly again)
Three people spent most of the day shifting bricks down the slide and along to the work area. You can see from the picture how far the stacking has got, looks quite good. All is ready for the lads from Gloucester college.

Our little team of 3 moved 4 pallets of reds, which is 2000 bricks. We also moved some surplus blues along the platform site, equal to another pallet full. I counted the pallets remaining on top of the embankment – there are 21 of blues, and the same again in reds, making 42 pallets in all still to fetch down. We started with approximately 80 up there, so we are now half way there. Each pallet is 500 bricks, and weighs about a ton, to give an idea of the manual effort involved.

The picture of Pete D shows him trying to remove the rainwater from the holes in the metric bricks. He eventually succeeded, and managed to lay a line along section 4.

We shall be back at CRC on Wednesday.
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