Saturday, 9 November 2013

9th November 2013 and a Page Turned.....

A different day today, with  much of the day taken up with  attending, or subsequent discussions on the Volunteer's Meeting arrange by the GWSR Board at Toddington.

From my own perspective  I sense, with the Board reshaped,  that we can turn the page and start a new chapter, with much to look forward to at the GWSR in the coming years. This confidence is based on the Board 's promise to improved communications with the volunteer work force. This will re establish mutual trust, which is so necessary to meet the challenges ahead. There is much to be done to reach Broadway......... Bill

The Saturday Gang kept up the tradition of business as usual, with bricklaying, brick cleaning, landscaping, and, yes,  Oh joy, ditch clearing!

Roger continues with the backing bricks on 2B

Platform 2B now rising from the ashes...
Down in the  car park Dave and John continue with the clearance of the  drainage ditch
Vic continued with the landscaping task opposite the Shed, and Keith and Peter cleaned  yet more bricks.

Broadway  will be back to normal business on Wednesday - keep a look out the for the start of the next projects!


Anonymous said...

You know, I don't think it was emphasised how good this share offer actually is. For an initial purchase of £100 (70, if you are a taxpayer and can claim the £30 back), You get £45 worth of tickets per year for evermore!

Or am I wrong?

Dave said...

I'm sure you're right. Such a bargain is not to be missed, if you have £100 to spare right now. Even if you get free travel as a volunteer, you can use the tickets for your family/friends.

Anonymous said...

When I bought my shares many years ago the threshold for free tickets was £50. I can't remember how many tickets that qualified you for. Now it it is £100 and one day it will be higher but it is still a good deal and don't let that stop you supporting the railway. Ian

Gordon Kenworthy said...

As regards item 1 it is worth noting the text on page 12 of the Bridges to Broadway document:

"The Directors may review shareholder benefits from time to time, but no earlier than 2016."


Anonymous said...

Extremely interesting blog, thank you.