Sunday, 27 October 2013

Saturday 26th October 2013

Just returned from a wet weekend in Wales - are there any other sort? I have had several reports from those in attendance and it seems like a  pretty successful day! Jo sent me a selection of photos and the following report:-

Hi Bill,

A busy gang in bright weather today, addressing the following jobs:


- Brick laying, by Tony and Roger, backing up in reds the blues laid last time. No front line brick layers on site today, we missed you ! But still good progress, with two long courses backed up, ready for the next level of blues at the front.

- Mike and I spent the whole day with the dumper moving bricks about. Mostly these went to supply the brick layers, and prepare for the next and final stretch on 2B. As we sourced the bricks from the ready piles, it became clear that they were well mixed up and we sent quite a few reds and blues rearwards to the oversize stock. Ron Briz made a brief call and would be interested in about 2000 oversized bricks from us for his drainage works.

- It’s getting a bit tricky finding blues that are not too big – the Mythe supply is 3 ¼ inch size, much too big. We have more, smaller blues at the very north end, but they need cleaning.

- Brian spent a happy day cleaning up the clearance work, and we carted away 2 dumper loads of bramble and sundry greenery.

- The brick cleaners were out in force again, closely surveyed by Tilly the dog. She is such fun (esp if you are seen to have food about you)

- Vic filled another bag of weeds from the front flower bed – steady progress there. We took this to the bonfire, which burned brightly to dispose of last weeks clearance pile.

- A member came to give us his collection of railway related framed prints, which we may sell to raise funds. These include several Don Breckon prints, a Cuneo and a 2 Eric Bottomley tram prints.
I don’t know how many volunteers were on site, but the car park was full!.


Best regards,




NB The picture of Roger beating up the mixer reminded us of Basil Fawlty taking a branch to his car :)

Bad cement mixer !


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