Saturday 19 October 2013

Saturday 19th October 2013

What a great turn out today - 12 volunteers working on a variety of tasks. The weather was kind enough to allow brick laying to continue - Platform 2B is really looking impressive.

It was also possible to lay the final 2 slabs behind the wall, so we are all set for putting the lamppost socket in and starting the infill. We plan to tackle this in 2 weeks on a infill marathon. Watch this space for the update!

The Hawthorn trees and bushes continued to provide material for the bonfire. Dave Bowie plugged away at it all day and a fair bit  still remains to be done.

Down in the car park Jo mounted a one man campaign on retrieving some blues from the Mythe consignment. More hard work for the brick cleaners,  I'm afraid,  who were in attendance in force today with 5 volunteers on the cleaning benches. Welcome to Brian,  a new starter today.

In the afternoon we had a discussion on the design/construction issues of providing longer platforms northwards at Broadway. The Group are formulating their ideas. Here Tilly the dog seems to understand the issues better than most!

At 4 o'clock a storm blew through giving everyone and everything a good soaking. Broadway is taking a Wizard of Oz set look, as Jo captures yet another rainbow.

Opposite the Shed, Vic was continuing his sort out of the borders. It really is a remarkable job he is doing. I hope I've got a "before" picture to show the transformation.


Jo said...

Tilly the dog wasn't interested in platform lengths, Tilly wanted food! Maybe if I stare at Jim long and hard enough...... Mmmmmm, crisps.....

Anonymous said...

something strange has happened to the signal box cam. Fallen over maybe.