Monday 7 October 2013

Monday, 7th October 2013 - Cheltenham Racecourse Platform 2 - Good Progress!

Jo kindly sent me the following report and pictures from today's activity at CRC2.

Hi Bill,

Quite a few people on site today, I counted up to nine, although by the pm it was only 5 ‘hard core’ members.

Activities / achievements:
-          One row of corbelling on section two (only one row of corbelling is possible per day)Three rows of bricks laid front and back on section 3.   A further 30m section was measured out, in anticipation of assistance from Gloucester college. 
     This absorbed quite a bit of time, to measure, and hammer in posts at the right placce/height. Small brick towers were also placed to give guidance.


Next Monday, we will need a larger team (+4) as more bricks need to be moved down from the embankment, and spaced out in piles for the Gloucester lads (and to a degree for our gang, as there are not quite enough reds in the right place to finish off sections 2 and 3).

Total no. of sections now in hand: 4, for a total length of 35 meters. (17.5% of the total)

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john said...


Don't you mean metres.

Meters are measuring devices.


John of Nuneaton