Monday 14 October 2013

A Volunteer's Story - Robin Elliott

I have known Robin since I joined the Broadway Area Group in 2009. Not a title that he would want or seek for himself, but Robin is the Master when it comes to cleaning bricks.  He was responsible for the  demolition and subsequent relocation of the infamous Wisley Sewerage Plant structures to Broadway. The  Wisley stock  pile has supplied us with thousands blues over the years. They are now all in the platform walls!

Another Brick in the Wall!

However Robin's contribution to Broadway is not just the brick cleaning. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the group. His association with the Bluebell line  and a chequered career means he has always been able to offer sound advice or give a gentle steer when called for.  Most importantly he always has an  amusing anecdote to tell! Robin is a  modest gentleman of the old school and a thoroughly decent chap. Here is his contribution to this series of posts:-

Robin at Horsted Keynes on the Bluebell
I retired early from work as Secretary of a registered charity to look after my father, who had dementia. After he died, I helped my younger son renovate his Victorian house in Worcester. When this was well in hand I began to explore the area and came across the GWR.
I had been a founder member of the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, so I was well prepared to become a booking clerk working mostly at Cheltenham Racecourse Station.
Clearing Vegetation 2009

Not long afterwards, a group was formed to renovate Broadway Station, so I began work with a team clearing vegetation, restoring electricity and water, and sourcing and laying bricks. Despite a health scare (I am72) I travel from Sussex most weekends and try to combine labouring at Broadway on Saturdays with selling tickets on Sundays. The only problem is getting fingernails clean in between.

Thanks Robin


Anonymous said...

8 million bricks need to find a home in 2014... any use?

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Great article, very interesting.

Bolivia Jim

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Robin... Awesome!