Monday 21 October 2013

21st October 2013 CRC2 - Wet and Windy!

A report from the BAG Gang who were brave (foolish!) enough to work today.

A report from Jo:-

Hi Bill,


Five people turned up for CRC today, but rain stopped play. We knew that this was likely, but thought we’d give it a go, and if the rain was indeed persistent, we would have a ‘shed day’ with tea and biscuits, and lots of interesting things to discuss.


In fact, the main purpose of the day, rain or no, was to receive Fairview and a delivery of concrete blocks, together with a palette of 400 corbelling bricks. These were off loaded, put on the Pway trolley and taken down to the site. Together with the remaining concrete blocks at the work site, we spread these out along the next stretch, ready for the students from Gloucester College.


After this, an extended tea break with damp biscuits. There was a hope we might lay some corbelling bricks once the weather got brighter, but by one o’clock there were still angry squalls shooting along the Cotswold edge, and we decided to call it a day.


We shall try some brick laying at Broadway on Wednesday instead !


Best regards,





mack said...

Are there any updates on the bridge funding progress? Is there a plan of action to get the bridges fixed? Like first one on from the railhead, or working from the other end with the bridge from broadway

Bill said...

I would imagine the bridge work will be put out for tender shortly. The decision as to where to start can then be made.

Anonymous said...

How many more slabs will be required to finish the complete job, including the platform sections yet to be built?

Bill said...

80 slabs should do it......

Alex said...

mack, you'll probably want to kep an eye on the boardrom blog for that sort of news, aparantly more info should be posted soon

Anonymous said...

80 slabs, is that for Broadway?
How many for CRC?