Sunday 22 September 2013

Saturday 21st September 2013

Firstly an apology for the delay in this post. I have been away and I was hoping to get around the Apple technology available to me to post Jo's report yesterday. Unfortunately not, so here it is, late on Sunday!. All will be back to normal now, rest assured!
Hi Bill,

A lovely sunny day, and 8-10 volunteers on site.

These are the activities we undertook today;

-          Brick cleaning – a gang of 4, including new volunteer Rob (picture) from Malvern.

-          Filling potholes in the drive – these were identified, scraped out, and filled with cement. That should do until the drive is properly resurfaced, once the building work has finished. John B bought 4 bags of cement in his VW Up (!) and then had to go back for another four. Nonetheless, a few potholes still remain, they must have been quite deep.


    Preparing the running in board for installation. We trial fitted it lying down, sawed of a few bits that didn’t quite fit, and made a frame in the shape of the board with which we will install the posts next time, so that they will be in exactly the right position. Jim then gave the posts a second coat of grey.

Meanwhile, two of us marked out the exact position of the supporting posts between the two lamp posts on 2A. Because the ground behind the vertical slabs was really quite soft, we dug a trial hole in front to see if the previously buried cable ducting was indeed an issue. In fact, it proved possible to just about dig around it, and squeeze in the foot of the post. We then dug the second hole, and at the end of the day, installed the first post, embedded in concrete. It looks great, just right, and quite tall. The running in board will now therefore stand in front of the fence line, as it did originally, which is good news.

 John C came to help at the end of the day, after finishing car parking duty at Toddington.

On Wednesday we will install the second post, and paint both. I have received a batch of big M16 bolts to attach the board to the posts. The board will be finished in time for the launch of the share offer by the bridge.

Another good day’s work.

Best regards,


Thanks Jo and to the rest of the Saturday Gang.

Normal Service + resumes!


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Who is going to open the station?

Bolivia Jim

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Alex C said...

the Queen :D could be the duke of gloucester maybe, or another royal, as with CRC, as well as Bill of course, for his sterling work at the tiller, and the rest of the gang (wish I could help!)

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Thomas the Tank Engine

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A better loco would be 14xx 1450.