Tuesday 3 September 2013

Our Building Project is about to start - Become a Friend of Broadway Station

From the above leaflet:-

If you are a resident of Broadway, or have close links or fond memories of the Railway Station, or indeed have been captured by the romance of bringing Broadway Station back to life, would you like to join the Friends of Broadway Station?

This group has been established specifically to support the rebuild of Broadway Station, unlike a general membership of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, of which the Broadway Area Group is affilliated , the Friends of Broadway Station are a distinct and separate part. However, in both cases, as all the people working on the railway are volunteers, all membership fees, donations, ticket sales etc contribute solely to the operation and maintenance of the Railway. All of us from top to bottom are volunteers and receive no pay for what we enjoy doing.

Friends of Broadway Station will receive quarterly newsletters on progress and will be welcome to help us in fund raising, and make the station more attractive as it is being rebuilt – by your contributions and, if you are so inclined, by helping with the decoration and presentation of the station and its approaches. We aim to create a social circle of friends in the Broadway area both to support the railway and to combine memories of the old railway and its station. We would welcome any suggestions and what you would like to see or become involved in.

Become a Friend of Broadway Station for £10 or a lifetime member for £150. Lifetime membership will entitle to a free round trip to Cheltenham from Broadway in the first 12 months of operation. Of course if you would like to contribute any other donations – either towards our general rebuild or for a specific feature – they would be gratefully received.

If you would like to join us please complete an application form from this link: Friends of Broadway Application Form

Thank You!


Anonymous said...

My period ceramic tiling free labour offer still stands :).. Pretty good with Victorian quarries and their reproduction equivalents

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering why a different style of footbridge has been depicted in this painting instead of one similar to the original. Is there a reason for this different design of footbridge?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the query about the style of footbridge, we have kept our eyes and ears open for a suitable replacement as we would like to preserve an original GWR one rather than build from new. There are a number potentially coming up from the West Coast line upgrading and these are typically of the style shown. They have the advantage of being a better design than the utilitarian Broadway original and also give better separation from the now adjacent B&B.
Alan Bielby

Anonymous said...

Would Taplow footbridge be a possibility?