Sunday 4 August 2013

Saturday 3rd August 2013

It was one of those pleasant, relaxed days yesterday with a group of 15 of us plugging away at various tasks.

 The main item on the to-do list was completion of the back fill on Platform 2. Here John C fills the dumper with the contaminated ballast from beyond the Evesham Road Bridge. In fact we are getting nearer the Childswickham  Bridge. If we keep going like this we may well meet the P Way Gang coming over the horizon. Whoops dreaming again.......

Here Jim H and and  Roger J pose for Jo's camera. I guess these 4 (John, Jo, Jim and Roger) would dispute it was a relaxing day, but  they toiled with smiles on their faces!
 The brick chipping concerto was at full volume yesterday with Robin, Vic. Roger H and Andrew adding to the birdsong harmonies. With the Mythe bricks starting to arrive on Wednesday I hope this trusty group are not going to head for the hills!

The remainder of us were attempting to keep the site neat and tidy, in anticipation of the Wychavon Planning Officers paying us a visit for their final deliberations on our planning application.

Two surprises for us today - Jo had to leave at lunchtime - it was though he was on a bit of elastic his reluctance to obey  "'er in doors" and Clive who was totally AWOL - a day off - what a liberty.!

Joking apart it was good to see our colleague Jim Boyles on site today and new BAG member Peter Keneally, who we haven't put off! Also Vic Smith was back to his regular spot after an extended house move.

With Jo leaving early we had reduced photo coverage  but I'm sure that will be made up for next time.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you had to go round the bend ( at Little Buckland ), not over the horizon to get to Laverton

( posts anonymously for own safety )