Sunday 11 August 2013

Saturday 10th August 2013

The Mythe bricks on the left....
The weather continues to treat us kindly and 12 volunteers were on duty today. Most activity was concentrated on brick cleaning, with 5 stalwarts on the benches having a go at the Mythe bricks to see what challenges they are going to bring!

 Well I won't say they were tricky but Pete K brought his dog Tilly along to make sure the good ones did not go astray.

 Down in the car park Dave B continued to extract good bricks from the pile. Steve and Jo  shifted rubble to the back of platform 2. There is plenty to have a go at!

A gravity defying moment with the roller
All was well
Before loading further bricks behind platform 2 it was necessary to roll the ballast laid so far.

In the end 3 dumper loads of bricks were put behind platform 2 by Jo and Steve. It was job well done.

In parallel with this activity dumper loads of rubbish were being taken up to the northern end of the site. This was partly to burn the ragwort remains and partly to get rid of an accumulation of rubbish which quickly build up on a busy site.

And so that was the end to a busy but enjoyable day. I should just like to added a few  "thank you's". Firstly to all the visitors and supporters that came along today. I'm sorry if I did not get a chance to speak to you properly. Your continued support is vital to us. Secondly a thank you to Jo who took time out yesterday(Friday) to give a talk on our progress to the Broadway  Park Caravan Club(Leedons). Some 50 people came along to the coffee morning and I'm sure Jo's enthusiasm will  have been infectious.

Finally this is an earnest appeal for volunteers with brick laying skills. As we continue to move forward at an increasing pace, we find that this is our scarce resource. If you have or are laying bricks professionally  and can spare even a day a month, we would love to hear from you. Secondly if you feel you would like to gain some brick laying skills  then come along and speak to us also. I would emphasis it has to been something you really want to do - not something to  "have a dabble" in. A very  enthusiastic lady supporter came along yesterday and said she wished she could help with the brick laying. Well, under the a fore mentioned criteria, why not!

A big Happy Birthday to our colleague and guiding light John Crawford. He will be 69 again and I hope he has a great day.


Anonymous said...

Just how close to the over bridge at the northern end of the station do you anticipate the track will be laid ? A brilliant job you are all doing !

Bill said...

It will be to the extent of the current GWR ownership of the trackbed which is about 10m from the bridge. It will accommodate a headshunt and facillitate a run around loop. PWay can give a better explanation!

Alex said...

speaking of p'way, will there be any sidings laid at broadway, as I believe there was a yard there, or will it just be the double track and run round loop laid?

Bill said...

Unlikely to be any sidings south of the bridge. The trackbed is narrower than it used to be .

Charles said...

Great progress, and just look at those bricks!! You'll all be counting them in your sleep. Keep up the good work. Always look forward to your posts.