Thursday, 18 July 2013

Wednesday 17th July 2013 - Hot or What!

Glorious sunshine and 15 Volunteers doing their best to ignore the soaring temperatures!

The Bricklayers achieved their goal of completely finishing off Platform 2 brickwork.

What a job!

Pleased as punch...
Bob W, Roger B, Peter H, Clive, and Paul on the mixer, stuck to the task all day. Here Clive is admiring one of Jo's pictures of himself in the Railway Magazine. Fame has come at last Clive!

Serious work....

Here, with serious intent Bob and Roger do the final filling in between the top courses. The finale for the day was Clive symbolically sweeping off the top surface.

Whilst this was going on the lamppost ducting was being  installed behind the southern part of Platform 2. John C, Rod,  Ron T and Jo got the infill rolled, the ducting in and covered ready for the next layers of infill to go in.

They also managed to extend the layer of broken  bricks behind 2. These were retrieved from the driveway and the car park area.

Containing Stinking Billy (1)

Down on the car park embankment Peter Q , Ian and Mike were endeavouring to have the annual purge of the ragwort - the farmers nightmare. Ragwort is known to the Scots as "Stinking Billy", the connection, according to Mike, is to do with their loathing by the Scots of the Duke of Cumberland and not my personal hygiene. (See below).

In the jungle....
This seems a thankless task but because it has been pointed out to us by the adjacent farmer, we feel obliged to do a damage limitation exercise on it.

Here Peter and Ian fight through the undergrowth. The cows in the field behind didn't look particularly grateful!

Now that the Planning Application is in and the prospect of  building work on the near horizon, we have started to look at the type of bricks we should use. Here John C has built a small test section using some reds that are close to the original imperial size and have the right look and feel. We will keep looking and experimenting until we are confident of the perfect result.

Finally here is the Wednesday Gang shading themselves for the lunchtime break,  to include a rare picture of Jo.  He's the one fiddling with his phone! Jo brought some excellent birthday celebration cake in, which served also as a celebration of his newly arrived granddaughter. Congratulations!

(1) Ragwort also goes by the name 'stinking Billy' (by the Scottish), after the Battle of Culloden at which William, the Duke of Cumberland, defeated the remains of Bonnie Prince Charlie's army. William's troops are said to have spread it throughout Scotland as it was mixed in with the forage they brought. The English are said to have called it 'sweet William' after the battle for the obvious reason that they won.


Anonymous said...

Not so much "Steaming to Broadway" as "Roasting in Broadway"

richard said...

Excellent progress by all at Broadway especially in this heat.
Nice to see some sampling of brick types, it will be difficult to replicate something original like Toddington as that has had 100 years of weathering and life. The SVR did a good replica at Kidderminster

Anonymous said...

Wonky looking platform edge on the left.

Bill said...

To Wonky,
Not the best camera angle and all the materials on the adjacent track bed detract from the true edge of slabs.
I suggest you come along and help lay some today and show us how it's done. Of course before that you can go to any mainline station and see that ours are well up to standard.