Monday 15 July 2013

It's Monday, it must be Cheltenham!

7 people turned up for duty in the sunshine today - as I wasn't able to be there I am posting Jo's report verbatim:-

On site were:
Bob W
Rod W
John S
John C
Yours truly
Nigel Hawkins + AN Other from S&T
John and the S&T lads connected up the water and electrics. All of us pulled the cable through, and opened the trench, and reburried it.
In the afternoon, 4 of us moved 3 pallets of reds down to the far end of the site. Also half a pallet of London Bricks, and directly off Richard’s lorry, two pallets of blocks. All of which were shuttled down to the far end of the site and stacked, ready for the first brick laying. Richard also brought another load of scalpings, as well as a supply of cement.
Fairview Unloading

 He took back the last 4 dumpy bags of imperials recovered from the old foundations. A mixer is now also on site. We are almost ready to start laying the first bricks !

The long Push!

The logistics of the bricks were made a lot easier with John’s ladder and buckets, so that we were able to slide the new bricks down two at a time, with two stackers at the bottom. We got a pretty smooth rhythm going after a while, faster than the previous time.
It was hot again – 27 degrees and full sun.

DMU calls in...

A DMU came to visit twice – we were warned of this, and kept a look out. All passed very peacefully.

Safety First....

Bob White and my candidate for photo of the month!
A nice trick if you can do it - what's in the other hand Bob?


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richard said...

Trust you had "dets" down while the hand trolley was on the line

Bill said...

Of course!

Graham said...

I am in awe of these guys while most of the population [me included]are seeking somewhere cool to sit they are battling on.Nothing seems to stop them fair weather or foul they turn up and graft.