Sunday, 14 July 2013

Blistering Saturday!

The combination of heat and humidity made it very hard to keep going yesterday. I was only able to attend in the afternoon but that was sufficiently tiring! Nevertheless the 8 volunteers kept plugging away and some great work was done.

That's the one we've waited for!
The most significant event of the day was Clive locating the final blue brick in the current section of platform 2. What a good job has been made on this section - either side could be a facing wall, the care that's been taken. Brilliant!

Having moved the huts up onto Platform 1 the water services and the electrical connection to the brown container had to be re established. This required shallow trenches being dug in at least 50m of ballast.
Ron  T drew the short straw to do the long dig to the brown container. He must have lost several pound in weight by the end of the day!

Jim H returned from his holiday full of vim and vigor dug the trench for the water pipe. By the end of the day John C had made the connections and all was working.

Although Ron T had completely repainted the mess hut last week, because of its proximity to the drive of the B&B, we felt obliged to put up some screening. This came in the form of a row of trellis fencing. This was masterminded by Dave B and with the help of the other troops it was completed by the end of the day.
The owner of the B&B, Jenni was pleased with the result and once some plants have grown up it, it should do the job.

Cheer up Bill!

Brick cleaning  continue with Robin and Roger  H just about melting to a blob.

Finally we had a visit from Alan and Barbara Herod of Winchcombe Radio who interview Jo and myself to get an update as to where we are. Jo (happy birthday Jo and where's the cake?!) who can  knowledgeably talk for England, Belgium, Holland and Kazakhstan was able to give Alan and Barbara some history of Broadway and I'm sure it will be  an interesting piece when it hits the airways later this month.

Finally don't forget to support the Bus Rally today. These lovingly restored vehicles will take you down memory lane - and over to Broadway!


jroesen said...

Birthday cake will be available on Wednesday, when there are a few more lads around.
BTW, it was the Ukraine...

Bill said...

Kazakhstan don't know what they've missed.....