Wednesday 26 June 2013

Wednesday 26th June 2013

I spent an an enjoyable day with my Wednesday Gang chums although  I'm a little cream crackered now. The individual pics below this post were taken on my IPad and sent in to the blog by MMS. Just a bit of an experiment really!

Jo has taken his usual pics and covered the main activities. There was a gang of nine on the platform 2 wall today and consequently the remaining corbelling and a row of filler bricks is all that remains to be done.

At the northern end of the site the relocated dumper garage was being clad in corrugated sheets. These are extremely heavy and take a bit of lifting to this height.
 As you can see below the job was well done by the end of the day.

Give Jo the chance to get his hands on some old GWR artifacts and he's at the head of the queue! Greg Wigg of the Archiving Trust donated a gate post and two curved GWR panels of spear fencing, if we could collect it.  No sooner said than done!

Richard loads it up at Toddington and in twinkling of an eye it's unloaded at Broadway!

 My own efforts today were limited to fixing the camera router and cutting back the undergrowth on the embankment so the that the next 40m section of platform footing can be laid.

How this ended up as a movie I don't know! Blink and you'll miss it.

The Broadway progress has reached "high" places - we had a pair of low flying Apache helicopters come over to have a look!


andrew said...

As it stands at present distance wise, how much platform wall has already been built, and how much still needs to be built on each side.

Any chance of a plan of where the platform is going and then updating by marking on the map every month how much has actually been completed.

Anonymous said...

Went to tyseley on sat and there is a pile of gwr spear fencing. Might be good for you as I dont expect they will use it. Contact ben mason

pwllyn-veg said...

The station footbridge at Tilehurst on the GWR mainline is being replaced as part of the electrification project.
It might form the basis of a Network rail relocation project..classic GWR.


Bill said...

Thank you for the tip-offs etc. I will follow them up.