Wednesday 22 May 2013

Wednesday 22nd May 2013

A great turnout today with 20 Volunteers doing there best to make sure that the Broadway Station site is looking its best and ready to receive visitors on the Open Evening and over the  Gala weekend.

The bricklaying gang could not resist the challenge of reaching corbelling height on the current section of Platform 2. It really does look magnificent!

I might get some statistics on the number of bricks laid today, but I'm sure it exceeds the 600 mark.

On the brick cleaning front, we had a bit of a conflab as to which bricks to proceed with next. We are rapidly running out of red backing bricks.

Roger and Jim fix the final door
In terms of sprucing the site up, all the electrical cupboards have had several coats of paint, all have original doors, and look as though they have been on the platforms forever!

Peter drilling the backboard
The K6 telephone box is getting its jubilee interior fitted, which I am sure will please the K6 50/50 Club who sponsored it.
Halfway there!

Finally, last but not least Gord and Chris levelled out the signal box area for Friday night. There is also another interesting sign going in,( in the background). A photo for another day!
Just a great photo!



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