Saturday 30 March 2013

Saturday 30th March 2013

The cold weather was unrelenting today and it was necessary for the 8 volunteers to keep on the move, to keep warm.

Biggest challenge of the day was setting the post for a new gate at the top of the slope in the car park. Planned  machine activity  this coming summer means we cannot afford  to have any accidents  or near misses with walkers on the track bed.

Digging fence post holes by hand in the ballast was no mean feat and I take my hat off to Dave, Roger Jim and John S who persevered with it all day. Although it was not quite finished because of the need for concrete to set, Jim and Roger plan to to come on Wednesday to finish the job off.
Here Roger and Jim have time to smile (or is it grimace) at Jo as they shift the concrete mixing materials southward!

Jo spent his day pulling brambles out of the hedge adjacent to the car park. It added to the task to have to drag the  dumpy bags of waste up the track bed to the site of the next bonfire. In an equally arduous task John B started the big tidy up of the embankment at the bottom of the drive.  This required double the distance journey to the bonfire, this time with a dumpy bag on a barrow. A heck of a way to keep warm!

We have been looking at some specific building issues on site and here Alan Bielby and I discuss some options. As you can see there was some dirty weather on its way from the North - time to tidy up and head for home!

Robin kept the brick cleaning going, and didn't seem to noticeably flinch when I told him at lunchtime there were 20 or so lorry loads coming from the Mythe sometime in May.


richard said...

Bill, is the planned machine activity for the Signal Box foundations?

Bill said...

Ever hopeful!
No, it's for clearance and levelling in various areas south of the Evesham Road Bridge.

Anonymous said...
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