Wednesday 13 February 2013

Wednesday 13th 2013

The prospect of a cold wet day today, caused us to reschedule some of our activities to tomorrow, when some bricklaying is a real possibility. Nevertheless there were 9 of us braving the elements and trying to keep warm.

Here Rod, Gord, Mike and Peter dig a trench up the embankment behind Platform 2 in order to run the mains cables up to the new distribution cabinet.

Peter at the bottom is barrowing the spoil away.

After the trench was completed the ballast behind the southern end of platform 2 was raked and levelled(see right, behind the wall - the poor quality picture is the rain hammering down!) so the the brick layers will have a better working height.

In the the new  container the 2 Peters were putting the finishing touches to the Platform 2 running in board. It really looks splendid.
Finally David and Chris were on brick cleaning duties.

This leads me on to the next story of the day

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