Saturday 2 February 2013

Saturday 2nd February 2013

After all the shifting of containers on Wednesday, it was a day for tidying up, and on a cold but sunny day, it wasn't a bad thing to do. Here John S sorts out a couple of rotten sleepers, heading for a bonfire. Note the dumper back in action - it was a pleasure watching it trundle up and down.

On the opposite side of the track bed, the blues wanted re stacking for  a special brick laying exercise on Monday. Here John B and Bob W sort them out into convenient, to hand, piles for the bricklayers. At the northern end, the brick cleaning continued with 3 chaps chipping away,  trying to keep warm.

The new container has allowed us to organise a  consumables store and Jim H is a dab hand at O&M and built some shelves for the paint etc. I wish my own garage looked as tidy!

Here John B, having covered some ground today, heads off into the sunset (until next time I hope!). Apologies to my chums for heading off early today without a fond farewell -. A family celebratory lunch was calling, the clock was ticking,and I could hear my good lady's tutting from Broadway!

Thanks for the photos Jo. (I think maybe he's going to ask for a fee soon!)

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