Wednesday 2 January 2013

Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Judging by the great turnout today (13) and the smiles on faces I think everyone was glad to be back and pushing on with the many jobs in hand.

Here Jim, Mike, Peter and Jo (behind the camera) return with one of two electrical cabinets high-jacked from Winchcombe Yard. The plan is to move the electricity cables to accommodate more platform foundations on Platform 2 and to further finish off the end of Platform 1.

The work then started to  place the  stakes and cross rails to hang them on. This was then repeated on Platform 2. Nice job lads!

The main expectation(hope!) for the day was to get going on some more bricklaying on Platform 2 and hope that it didn't rain. Well the prayers were answered and what a session they had!

And here they are - Bob W, Bob J, Clive and Peter moving things along at a pace. In the end 2 full courses were laid on half of Platform 2, and, looked at another way, there are only 2 courses left before the corbelling. What a sight for sore eyes. Brilliant!

If we move farther south, 3 more  vertical slabs were placed and infilled on the signal box end of 2A. I am so glad to see the dumper back in action! Rod, Peter,  Tony and Paul were  doing the back breaking stuff involved.

In addition to this 500 more bricks were transported south for brick laying, as well as several hundred more cleaned.

What a successful day! I am back in action myself on Saturday and frankly I  can't wait!


Anonymous said...

really comming on now, from the front that brickwork looks excellent! so, how did the dumper get back in action?

Anonymous said...

In addition Steve B was one of the bricklaying team and I believe Terry and not Peter was part of the slabbing team.

Bill said...

Sometimes I make a mistake and sometimes I have a reason for reporting things the way I do. Email me if you think a mistake has been made.

richard said...

Bill excellent that you are off to such a good start for 2013.
The team have always produce very professional work with everyone wearing HiVis and hard hats it looks professional too.