Wednesday 29 August 2012

Wednesday 29th August 2012 - Well there's Rain and then there's Rain!!!

Well it was almost a washout today, but not quite! 6 Volunteers at Broadway and 5 at Ashchurch kept going.

AT Broadway there were a couple of sorting out jobs going on. The first required some of the slabs behind Platform 1B to be reset. This is an awkward job at the best of times but when the rain is soaking you through, making everything difficult to grip and turning the work area into a quagmire, its no fun at all!

 But the job got done. Clive was able to roll the ballast.

Some final additions/adjustments were made to the Viewing Platform. Here we see "the Peters" measuring up some user friendly hand rails.

The lads at Ashchurch  kept beavering away most of the day. I paid them a visit at lunchtime and I have to say remarkable progress has been made.  Pete from Building Services took time out to deliver some pallets for us and returned with a load of bricks.

Terry Andrews a Wednesday regular was working at Ashchurch today and let me have a complete report of the day. I hope he won't mind me incorporating it here, verbatim.

We made steady progress today, (with Steve, Rod, Andy, Paul & myself  on site), despite the periods of heavy rain we had. Paul brought a very welcome van load of pallet’s and we used 4 of these to place on top of the already completed and shrink wrapped bricks. We then filled the 4 builder’s bags with damaged bricks to be used as infill to platform 2a, etc. Peter from Building Services called with some additional pallets so we now have a nice stock on site. We loaded quite a few bricks onto Peters flatbed, which (I hope) he brought back to Broadway.
After you left, we cleaned more bricks and completed the 5th pallet load of bricks and shrink wrapped them and placed another pallet on top and  completed a 6th pallet of bricks which are also shrink wrapped, ready for removal.
Paul Wintle from Tecton arrived with his lorry at around 2.30pm but due to having had to pick up a load from Birmingham on the way from his job in Leeds, was not able to move any of the stock today.
Paul W and I are therefore meeting at Ashchurch at 7.30am on Friday and will load the 6 pallets of bricks, and 8 bags of bricks onto his lorry, thereby leaving space for a new load of bricks to be palletised. We hope to have them at Broadway by about 9.00am and will place them where you have suggested.
All in all, we all enjoyed our day and felt we made a worthwhile contribution. I hope I haven’t left anything out, if so, am sure someone will be able to fill in the details.
Thanks Terry and thanks to all the volunteers today who went that extra mile to keep the show on the road.

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