Monday 25 June 2012

Broadway Footbridge

After the bit of excitement unearthing the footbridge post a keen eye spotted this photo on Panoramio showing the posts just before the bulldozer struck.

Thanks to  Laurence Everett for passing on the details.


Toddington Ted said...

Whilst the subject of the photo is presumably the 2884 Class (number not readable to me!)which is, I guess heading north, the fact that the photographer has also captured the (in hindsight totally uneccessary) ongoing destruction of the station buildings and platforms is a very intersting consequence. I had not seen an image of Broadway Station being demolished prior to seeing this one. Thank you for posting the link. Its a sad photo but interesting nonetheless, especially given the tremendous efforts being made on site now.

Anonymous said...

fantastic- also like to other two Broadway photos he has posted there!