Wednesday 23 May 2012

Wednesday Sunshine

A glorious day and 16 Volunteers were on parade. The 2A wall continues to be the focus of attention and the bricklayers have reached corbelling height on the first section. I posed the question to the team when they thought 2A would be finished, as far as the signal box footing, and the best guess was the end of July. We have the coping slabs for this 40 metre section which means we could have a topping out ceremony in August /September time.  We shall see!! A lot depends on our fund raising and the availability of bricks.

Although the new coping slab team were not available to start 1B today, Fairview Richard  and Terry did a brilliant job of clearing the spare slabs and bricks from in front of 1A and 1.  There's 180 metres of trackbed just waiting to be used !

The brick cleaners found a fairly sheltered spot from the sun at the southern end of 1A. It's still a great way to lose weight!  A welcome to new recruit Peter.

Always doubtful about mentioning anyone in any preferential way but my two colleagues on the left Gordon Wood (BAG Vice Chairman) and Dave Bowie (BAG Project Coordinator) have been with me since the start (2009) and work as hard today as they did then. Together with our other chums, John Blofield  and Peter Hickox , we hope one day soon to sit on a bench on Platform 1A, wait for the train to arrive, take a trip to Cheltenham, have an ice cream and return contented, satisfied with a job well done.

Our colleague and and fountain of knowledge John Crawford is going into hospital for a procedure this week. We all wish him a speedy recovery and hope for his return to work soon..  


Richard said...

Hi Bill, good to see steady progress on this bit of English heritage in this lovely part of England. Another important part of English heritage is our system of measurements - feet, yards, chains, miles etc. Any particular reason you shun these in favour of using foreign imports?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I can help, as I'm sure Bill has quite enough to do, running the show and keeping people informed on this excellent blog.
"We have enough coping slabs for a section 43.74 yards or to be more precise 1.98818181817983 chains, to complete the section "

Chris in France

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Petulant French-style answer.

Bill said...

I might go avoirdupois - havent made up my mind yet!
Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see such love care and attention being put into this project , its clear to see how insperational this is by the amount of volunteers attending weekly, it won't be too long till there is truly steam coming from broadway.