Wednesday 22 February 2012

Wednesday 22nd February 2012 and the Wind was still Blowing!

Cleaning off the 2A Footings
A  great group of Volunteers turned out today - 21 in total  plus 7 lads from the Worcester College. The main tasks for the day were completing a variety of  small jobs that were on the to-do list, but are vital to ensuring the project keeps on track and the site looks tidy and well managed.

Discussion between Neil ( How big was that fish?) , Malcolm, John and  self
Hot air in the foreground, sweat and tears in the background!
We had a welcome visit from Malcolm Walker (S&T Manager) and Neil Carr (Operations Director) to discuss the details of the layout of the planned Signal Box.  It was an informative session and we are  now in a position to draw up some preliminary plans, which will be completed over the next couple of weeks.

Great Picture Jo!

The other jobs completed  and in no particular order!

4 Volunteers on Brick Cleaning

4 Volunteers on Brick retrieval from the old Waiting Room

4 Volunteers on brick retrieval from the Childswickham Road

4 Volunteers on breaking up brick samples and loading behind the Platform 1B

2 Volunteers on Cement Mixer duties.

2 Volunteers on  1A Water Pipe connection

The two pictures on the right sum up the day nicely, hardworking and full of good humour!


SWrural said...

What please, in the first photo, are those square concrete manhole-entrance looking objects Bill? (stood against the side of the platform).

Bill said...

Hi Howard,
They a the concrete rings that provide the lining of the catch pits in the central drainage system. Those in the picture have been temporarily remove to allow Dot and others vehicles to pass over.

Dave said...

Will the signal box be a new construction or use parts from the signal box recovered from , I think, Devon and in store?


Bill said...

The signal box will be new build. The old Exminster Box did not survive several storage moves(as I understand it) and no longer exists.
Although the planned signal box is a new build I am confident that it will built to the GWR specification and from reclaimed bricks.

Anonymous said...

That is a shame especially after all the effort taken to dismantle the Exminster box. While it is easy to imagine the wood being beyond reasonable repair surely the roofing tiles and torpedo vents would have been useful on your new box and would fit the brief of being reclaimed parts from an original railway building?! I also recall that not so long ago the GWR having decided the exminster box was too big for broadway were looking at plans to site it elsewhere. There must be something of it left suitable for Broadway or it was alot of effort for very little gain!

Bill said...

Fully sympathetic with your thoughts, but it has happened outside my sphere of influence. If anyone else has better information than me(not difficult!) please comment.

Anonymous said...

There is a website dedicated to the Exmouth box, but it hasn't been updated for a long while:

There are some good photo's of the bridge and the surrounds of it, which show how much progress has been made on site.