Monday, 5 December 2011

Platform 1A Sketch

A couple of questions have been asked about how a uniform height will be reached on 1 A. This is a very rough sketch showing the profile looking South (top) and the profile looking North. The orange shows made up ground which will be a an acceptable method for containment, being 30-40 deg. The lower diagram shows the use of 1m gabions at the southern end. Hope this helps but I don't want to start a big debate here!


Derek Lettey said...

thank you, very helpfull

Anonymous said...

Goodgood. One question, will the gabions be covered by something or left open to see.

One other question, will 1a be completely finnished, ie surface and maybe a bench and running in board before the rest is done??

Cheers Gavin

Ken said...

To answer Gavin. I'm not sure about 'until the rest is done' as work is also continuing on other fronts but, yes, I believe the intention is to get 1A, if not 'operational' then certainly 'showcase' condition with lamp columns available, and yet to be erected on site, albeit currently without lamp enclosures.

As for a bench. If only we had time to sit down!

Nice idea, but would attract metal thieves.

Wait for the next update. Edging slabs [some] have been laid.

Jo said...

Metal thieves stole the lamps at Wittersham Road.
They have been replaced in plastic.
Do metal thieves know the difference ? :)

Ken said...

Do you have a link to the source from where plastic replica lamp housings can be purchased. Or can you find out.

We'd be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Try Steelway at Wolverhampton

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Bill for posting the sketches. I thought they were really good - not rough at all - and certainly answer my question nicely.

Best wishes,