Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year to You All

A Peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my Blog Followers, Broadway Area Group Volunteers, GWR Volunteers and  Railway Enthusiasts everywhere.  Everyone has been very supportive of our endeavours at Broadway and it is much appreciated. If I have missed responding properly to any comments on the Blog, please put it down to time pressures and I will try and do better next year!

As far as 2012 is concerned we are going to press on with our platform construction work, which will only be regulated by the funds that we can raise to support it. But our friends, supporters and followers have been generous this year and I am hopeful that the visible progress on site will encourage further investment in our Project.

Hope to see you next year!


Toddington Ted said...

Bill, I think you and your colleagues have been a tower of strength for us GWSR supporters this year. Indeed, volunteers all over the GWSR have done so much to keep the Railway moving forward over the last 12 months and the Ian Allan Award is not given for nothing! It's been a tremendous morale-booster for us to follow your blog and to see the transformation. I'm sure 2012 won't be easy but I can see Broadway's platform 2 going up already in my mind's eye. We will move forward with cheerful alacrity. Happy Christmas and a great New Year to all.

Dave B said...

Thank Bill, and a Happy Christmas to you and all my fellow volunteers. We have a fantastic team now, and I'm looking forward to even greater things in 2012. Along with today's positive news on Chicken Curve, and the success of Santa specials, we're helping the Railway to a great future!

Francis field said...

I was just wondering what was the good news on the chicken curve?

Bill said...

Hi Francis,
My understanding is that there is now sufficient funds in the kitty to start the repair of Chicken Curve. The only decision left is whether to extend the scope of the work to include some soil pinning on a potential slip adjacent to CC.

John R said...

And also that agreement has been reached for access with the relevant landowners, a point that appears to have been holding up things for several months.

Happy New Year to all involved in the Broadway project, and especially to Bill for maintaining and updating with regularity this website.

Jim Boyles said...

Whilst on "Elf" duties at the recent Santa's Specials, I had the great pleasure of meeting a lovely lady and her two grandsons who actually live at the Chicken Farm.
Her grandsons had grown up with the sight and sound of our Railway and were more than pleased to co-operate over access to their land, for the work entailed to restore services.
It's a small world!

Francis Field said...

Thank you so much for the update, that is really excellent news and all the best with your fantastic work at Broadway!

Ken said...

News today that the Ashmolean Museum is to open a branch in Broadway in the latter half of 2012 (as if there aren't enough 'relics' amongst us already).

Anticipating that this will result in a rise in Tourism for the area, the majority being in probably the first couple of years, it would be economically prudent, I would suggest, to get 'a service', any 'service' into Broadway asap to take advantage of the greater footfall.

Dave said...

Ken, there are various options for doing that, prior to full completion of the extension project (which because of slip costs will now be delayed). The Board's Broadway Steering Group will be looking at all the related issues and I hope they will see the commercial and PR benefit to the whole Railway of getting some interim service operating at Broadway.