Saturday 20 August 2011

Saturday 20th August - A Day for Tinkering

Marcus(right) and Clive in Action
First of all a big thank you to Marcus Taylor who donated  a day of his time to lay some blocks for us on 1A. Marcus, a builder by profession, demonstrated how quickly and easily it can be done!  No worries troops, we will get better at it!
The Honeybourne Blues in the
foreground ready for action
Here the last available block laid and a third of the foundation wall completed.

On other construction matters John B crafted an excellent gate adjacent to the kiosk. Here the craftsman rests on his laurels so to speak. Last but least the Lamp Hut challenge continues with with George Forrest finishing off the framework of No2(cheers George, I know your busy!) and John S re-hinging  the door and putting a new skirt around the base of No1. One of those worthwhile, enjoyable days.

New hinges and catch in place
courtesy of John S


Jim Boyles said...

Wow! What an achievement! Congrat's all round! Seems, to me, like an EXCELLENT days work from EVERYBODY on Site.
Keep your pecker up Bill - I'm sure I'm not the only one to say "We're rooting for you and your quality team".
Very best wishes.

Bill said...

Cheers Jim - Onwards and Upwards!

Anonymous said...

Popped to the site this afternoon, great progress, even better to see it in person. Well done, keep up the outstanding work.