Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Labour of Love!

Here is a selection of photos taken by Andy Protherough of the lever frame and components being built for the Broadway Signal Box. Andy's text  reads"These show the quadrants, lever castings, cams and levers in various states of renovation and rebuilding. The lever frame originates from Aller Junction signal box near Newton Abbot". I am so pleased to know that work is going on in the background to further the Broadway cause. Whilst not understanding the intricacies of the lever frame, as an engineer at heart I can see the care and attention that is being put into this work. Brilliant!


Anonymous said...


great to see someone else restoring a frame like that. I know how much hard work goes into the restoration as I am working on Parkend signal box which is the same type only smaller. looks like we we will be installing on a similar time frame from looks of the progess, can't wait to see the finished result


Jim Boyles said...

Hi all,
How many levers could a frame that size operate? Presumably the size of the lever frame determines the size of the ultimate signal box? Was the size of the 'box at Aller Junc. the same size as the original Broadway 'box, which had 37 levers, I believe?

Bill said...

Broadway Signal Box was a 37 lever according to the Audie Baker book. I think Andy said the frame from Aller was 46, but one of the S&T will put me right on that!
And Oy where abouts was that distance marker again? the Lads looked and couldn't find it!

Jim Boyles said...

Hi Bill,
It's a GWR boundary marker dtd 1905. Go through the gate and diagonally across Childswickham Road to a wide gap, with a "Footpath" sign (DON'T go under the bridge, the entrance is on this side)! In front of you, you'll see a stream with a concrete beam across it - DON'T go over it!
Instead, turn right, into the undergrowth, on this side of the stream and, by a couple of trees, the observant will see some rusty old cast-iron, laying on the ground, in the shape of a cross (probably made of old broad-gauge rail (the GWR didn't waste ANYTHING)!
At the other end of this object (approx 4'), you'll find attached, the round boundary marker.
Bring it home!!!!