Tuesday 12 July 2011

What a Load of Ballast!

A few rumours abound about the new Platform Wall being too high. Calm Down Dears - when the bridge and the trackbed are re ballasted (there is nothing there at the moment) it will meet the correct specification and be just right!


steamartist said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your excellent blogging - I really like to keep up with the great work at Broadway.

One thing has puzzled me a bit, though - lately you have referred to 'Platform 1A' - what exactly is this please? Is it a bay Platform, and if so, what is the plan for its use?


Bill said...

Platform 1A is the southern end of Platform 1 from which the GWR could run a branch line service prior to the main station being completed. It is also a clearly defined deliverable for our construction gang, and an entity that we can raise funds for.
Thank you for your interest and keep following!

Anonymous said...

What consideration has been given with regards to the gradient of the future platform surface vis-a-vis the interface with the new building ?
In other words how high up will the new foundations have to be in order to create a sensible platform fall ?