Sunday 3 July 2011

Saturday 2nd July 2011

Pleasant family duties prevented me from attending today. (Why is looking after grandchildren more tiring than days graft at Broadway?!)
 Dave B filed this report and Peter H supplied the photos. Thanks Chaps!

I have cleared the debris from Childswickham Road end and rebuilt the fence leaving a clear opening 0.8m wide. I spoke to a number of walkers while working there; needless to say they all wanted to know what was going on, what we were doing about the path etc. I explained the position more or less as Bernard described it in his response to you. I also discovered that people have been asking about the path at the petrol station and at the caravan site, so I do suggest we provide them with a script to avoid any further misunderstandings.

Can we make two silk purses
 out of two sows ears?
 Of course we can!
 Elsewhere, we took delivery of not one but TWO corrugated lamp huts! They are each 1.2m wide at the door end and 1.9m front-to-back. They are both well corroded around the base, one is otherwise in reasonable condition but the other needs more work. It appears that the legs of the steel frames are meant to be buried (concreted in?).

Work continued on laying new blocks in the centre drain, but it was hot & heavy work and most of us chipped in a bit of effort.

Peter did an excellent job of installing the electrical cabinet at the end of the platform. It just needs a door and some way of locking it, and it's ready to go when the cabling is available.

We had a chinwag about the B&B hedge and the options for fencing it off. No conclusions though, and I didn't get round to measuring the spear fencing. Bernard hadn't turned up by the time I left at about 3.20pm. Steve is still very keen on his idea, so you might want to debate things a bit more. A conversation with the ladies might be a good idea, to see what their intentions were.

Steve rolled the ballast along the north section of platform; It's not absolutely level and it might need another go when it's settled a bit. Then he thought it too risky to try taking the roller back down the slope so we had to dismantle the fence to get it back home!

Ron finished off pointing the front edges of the top slabs, and that all looks good.

Robin was there again hammering away all day at bricks - I don't know how he does it!


Jim Boyles said...

Been out of the country for 10 days, so it was only recently that I made my usual visit to the Station - coming on splendidly chaps!
I'm also interested in the situation with the footpath between Childswickham Road and Station Road. Will it still be usuable after the new car park is made? Is this merely and "overflow" 'park, or is it because the B&B now own the approach road and that parking area?
Best wishes,

Bill said...

Hi Jim,
The Evesham Road/Childswickham Road area will be the main car park. Only limited disabled parking will be in the Drive.

It is likley that a through footpath will always be available in some form for local walkers.
Any closures will only be temporary
when major work is being carried out. We made the mistake of closing it off recently which was was not good PR with local people. (sorry everyone!)

Jim Boyles said...

Thanks, Bill, for this update. I know that this is not an "officially" recognised footpath, as shown on the local Ordnance Survey maps but it is shown as a "throughway" on all the old maps and I suspect that this is why it is still used by so many locals (and visitors from the caravan park). Beside's which, it is also outside the original railway boundary fence!