Saturday 14 May 2011

Saturday 14th May 2011

10 Volunteers turn out today to continue work on a wide front.
The Construction Team, flushed with the success of  successfully laying the coping stones, set to with the building of an interim pier on the next section of platform. 500 bricks were layed - Hadrian would be proud of them.
Dave B  took on the challenge of landscaping the embankment(right) adjacent to the wing wall and this is now completed, waiting for nature to seed the newly laid top soil. More work has been done to tidy up the driveway. Here John S (left)gives the overgrow embankment a seeing to with the strimmer. Our thanks goes also to Orchard View  Nursery on the Evesham Road for supplying,  free of charge, some fresh pansies for our entrance.
We also had a welcome visit from 3 newly induced recruits - Graham D , Terry A, and Mike T who will be joining us shortly for work at Broadway. Thanks chaps for calling in by and also for your donations of items to sell on the stall - much appreciated!

Finally they should be warned that this is what happens to normal sane people after a year or two at Broadway. Its Chris Helm trying to end it all under theDrott. Its got to be moving Chris!

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