Saturday 30 April 2011

Wednesday 27th April and Saturday 30th April

Playing catch up with all these holidays getting in the way!
 9 Volunteers, fuelled up on bacon rolls set to on a variety of tidying up tasks, trying to make the site tidy for summer visitors. I have to say its made a big difference.

In particular the wing wall fencing was finished off by Rod W and it looks a treat.

8 Volunteers today and the tidy up continues. We are hoping to have a bric-a-brac and plant stall next Saturday, so please come along and support us if you can!

And finally a very useful "back of a fag packet" drawing from Chris Horn showing the current dimensions of the platform build and the planned build south. We are currently building from 0' to 83'4". We plan to start this year  (with Board approval) to build 216' to 537' next(with a temporary gap for the gateway). This leaves 0' to minus(-) 200' for a stage 3 build some time in the future. Cheers Chris and Dave B, the man with the long tape measure!

PS How long is a coach I hear you ask?

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