Thursday 14 April 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday - Great Progress!

Where to Start?
Tuesday saw the infil of the repaired Wing Wall. Not an easy task getting the right mix of ballast and rubble down the void. Here Tom and Rod are in action. The use of a hydraulic breaker allow the right grading of the rubble prior to infil and levelling.

Couldn't have done it without the fair Dot the Drott, here carrying the final load of ballast before throwing her water pump through the radiator. Ring Ring "Bernard we've got a small job needing doing on the Drott......."

Wednesday and a Milestone met
Fairview Trading came up trumps with a lorry and Hiab to transport the coping edge slabs from Winchombe to Broadway.  At 400lbs a slab we needed all the help we could get! Here Richard and Rod finish loading the 36th slab. (Apologies to the Winchcombe lads who were waiting for the lorry to move. Sorry!)

The slabs were duly delivered to Broadway and we couldn't resist placing one and doing a bit of visualisation and planning as to how we were going to get them accurately bedded in. More another day!
PS Here's how they did it at Oswestry - seems easy!

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